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About the Project

Concept Rise is Play&Co's first conceptual project that explores the future of air mobility, specifically eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) and eSTOL (electric short take-off and landing) and the infrastructure needed to support the projected growth of industries that will rely on those vehicles.

Our team at Play&CO explored and envisioned the future of the eVTOL ecosystem and how municipal and general use airports could be the key to centralizing electric infrastructure to not only support the aggressively growing eVTOL and advanced air mobility industry, but provide a commerce, travel, and logistics hub for the communities that surround these 5,000+ airports already existing in the US.

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Terminal TipUp Hero
Rise Hero TipUp
Rise Hero
eVTOL Pen Sketches 3
eVTOL Pen Sketches
eVTOL Interior Ideation Sketch
eVTOL Fuselage Ideation
eVTOL Thumbnail
eVTOL Plan View
Teminal Turnstile Moment
Terminal Sunrise Wide
Terminal Sunrise Small