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While interning in Seattle at Teague in the Boeing Aviation Studio I was approached about an opportunity to support a collaboration between Nuun Hydration and Brooks Running. Brooks was in the process of building out a new flagship store - Brooks Trailhead - at their corporate office in Seattle's Fremont Neighborhood.

Nuun was at the time a small and growing Seattle company fresh off a brand redesign and were looking to experiment with some new popup executions for events and trade shows. Brooks Running's corporate office is situated alongside the Burke-Gilman Trail, a highly trafficked 27-mile multi-use asphalt trail running between Seattle and Bothell. The trail is used by runners, joggers, cyclists, walkers, and pretty much anything else on feet or wheels. It is also used for lots of organized events,so it was a perfect place for exposure for both Brooks and Nuun.

I was very lucky to work with the CEO and the Director of Sales to envision a solution that could live inside the Brooks Running flagship store and be carted across the street to the Burke-Gilman Trail to provide hydration to users exercising and commuting along the trail.

The solution needed to incorporate storage for swag and merch, water bottles, single-pack product samples, and up to 2 Nuun cooler dispensers for sampling in cups at events. Celebrating Nuun's unique packaging was the focus - we drew inspiration from some recent retail installations by Nike and Nespresso. Reclaimed bottles can be used to create brand, flavor, or event specific messaging in a display created with over 700ft of tennis string.

Nuun Hydration Station Brooks
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