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Model 3 Signature Wheel

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About the Project

The "Stiletto" Sport Wheels were developed during my time at Tesla Motors in 2015 during the design phase of the Model 3. This design was selected as the signature wheel for the Model 3 and first shown in March 2016 at the first reveal. This design became the sport and performance wheel option for the production Model 3 from 2017-2020 and had some aerodynamic modifications for the current model year.

The 'stiletto' nickname came from the early sketches which resembled that silhouette of a high heel. The goal was to achieve a balance of the old and the new - a bit of the old 'turbine' wheel surface language blended with the more crisp updated surfacing in the body of the Model 3.

Model 3 Wheel Sketch
Model 3 Wheel Sketch 2
Model 3 Wheel WIP
Model 3 Wheel Render Grey
Model 3 Wheel Render
Model 3 Wheel Manhattan Beach
Model 3 Wheel Manhattan Beach 2
Model 3 Wheel Alias
Model 3 Wheel Alias Sketchover
Model 3 Wheel Alias Sketchover
Model 3 Wheel Alias 3/4
Model 3 Wheel Alias Front
Model 3 Wheel Center Detail
Model 3 Reveal Elon March 2016
Model 3 Motor Trend Silver Gigafactory

Image via MotorTrend

Model 3 MotorTrend White

Image via MotorTrend