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About the Project

This exploration began at the Tesla Motors Hawthorne CA Design Studio in early 2015.

The challenge posed to me at the beginning of my internship was to take my experience designing aircraft interiors and consumer electronics and create a new luxury autonomous interior experience with the Model X platform as a base.

Under the direction of Franz Von Holzhausen this studio project evolved continuously in parallel to the Model 3 interior concept.

Living Room Experience
Aviation Benchmarks
Autonomous Interior Inspiration
Interior Ideation 7
Interior Ideation 6
Interior Ideation 9
Interior Ideation 5
Interior Ideation 4
Interior Ideation 3
Interior Ideation 2
Autonomous Int Layout Block-in
Autonomous Interior System Settings
Autonomous Interior Side
Auto Interior Sketch Render
Crade Exploded View
Foamcore 2
Foamcore 1
Foamcore 3
Steering Wheel Ideation
IP Front
Double Rear Closed
Double Rear Open
Double Rear Ideation